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Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions:

    • “How can I use search engines like Google or Bing to get more leads and increase profits?”
    • “How can I maximize the return on investment of my current marketing and advertising budget?”
    • “How can I find a marketing consultant or ppc agency who's honest and I can trust to help me make sense of all this SEO, PPC and digital marketing stuff?”
    • “How can I show up above my competition on Google or Bing?”
    • “How can I scale my marketing and find more leads without having to spend more time doing it?”

If so, keep reading…

b2b marketing consultant

Here's How I Can Help You and Your Business

I have spent spent over 10 years working with business owners, sales managers, and marketing manager developing and refining the sales funnels, using proven techniques and strategies.

Overall, if your business operates with a 1 – 5 person sales team and offers superior products and services priced from $1000 to $1,000,000, I am confident in the effectiveness and value of this tool.

And remember, I offer a money-back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the results, so you can try my services with confidence.

Here are some of the niche's I've worked with over the past 10+ years:

      • Luxury Real Estate
      • B2B SaaS Financing
      • 3D Printing Services
      • Spa Equipment Sales
      • Agricultural Machinery
      • Industrial Machinery Sales
      • Material Handling Equipment
      • Custom Software Development
      • Commercial Real Estate Financing
      • Custom Architectural Lighting Manufacturing
      • Commercial Construction Equipment Manufacturing

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Here's How I Can Help You Relax

You Get One On One Support. When you work with a large agency, it is very possible that there comes a point at which you will feel like you and your business aren't a priority, unless, of course, you are the “big fish” that commands all the attention.

Being the “little fish” means that it may take a while to get your questions answered, to get your project completed or that you are getting bounced around from account manager to account manager.

I am purposely limiting the number of clients to ensure that you and your business remain a top priority for the duration of our relationship.

You Get Less on Your Plate. Chances are you have a lot going on as it is. You have deadlines to meet. Leads to follow up with. A team to manage.

You don't have time to build web pages, run Google Ads campaigns, or keep up on the latest marketing trends. Your time is valuable and is better spent working on the top-level stuff that matters.

I'll gladly take it off your hands because I geek out on this stuff. Not kidding. Hell, if Google Ads was a football team, I'd be that crazy fan in sub-zero temperatures with my shirt off and a big SM painted on my chest (sorry for the visual).

Plus you get…

    • An Increase In Pipeline Value
    • Uplift In Flow Of Sales Qualified Leads
    • Better Positioning To Stand Out From Competition
    • Time Savings From Not Talking To Unqualified Leads
    • A Dedicated Partner Invested In Your Businesses Success
    • Honesty And Transparency Always
    • And remember, a 100% guarantee to beat your last month's lead total!

Ready yet?

About Corey Koehler

About 17 years ago I became infatuated with marketing. I began devouring every book and blog on the subject.

This infatuation led me to blogging, podcasting, and affiliate marketing in niches like music and fantasy football. Those experiences led to an online marketing position at a midsize B2B manufacturing company and a handful of small business consulting gigs.

I've built and maintained email and social media audiences exceeding 50,000 followers, fans, and subscribers in music, fantasy football, and industrial-related niches.

I've also sold five figures worth of affiliate products and have garnered 100+ favorable performance reviews and testimonials from clients in many niches, including blogging, social media, music marketing, music performance, and songwriting.

Now, I will be focusing my efforts on helping business owners and entrepreneurs in any way I can.

Here's why.

Small business and entrepreneurship is very personal to me.

I grew up with a father who was a small business owner. I saw and heard all about both the pride he felt and the frustration he experienced. Small business and entrepreneurship is in my blood.

Also, I love being around small business owners and entrepreneurs. They are the backbone that makes communities strong, they take pride in the fact that they are doing it their way, and they put their butt on the line every day to make a living their way.

They are passionate, independent thinkers, providing the best opportunity for me to learn and grow personally and professionally.

Everything I do is to support and work with entrepreneurs and small businesses like you.

To your success,


Media Buyer | Entrepreneur

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