Best Digital Marketing Tools & Resource Recommendations

Below is a list of B2B marketing tools I use regularly.

Just so you know, some, not all, of the resources below are paid services or products.

If you purchase them because you've clicked on a link, I may make a few dollars (At no cost to you, don't worry). So, if you do purchase anything from this page,… smart move, and THANK YOU!

If you have any questions about any of these tools, let me know by using the contact form.

I'll be more than happy to demo them for you.

Here is a list of resources (tools and services) I used and recommend.

Build Or Host A Website


SiteGround –  At the beginning of 2017 I switched all my websites to SiteGround. I love them. I cut my hosting fees by 2/3. Nice and organized dashboard on the back end.

And they have awesome support. I experienced this first hand because after 10 years online, I have a ton of cyber junk (old sites, unused email servers, broken this, broken that, etc). They helped make the switch pretty smooth.

WP Engine – If want premium, dedicated WordPress hosting, check out WP Engine. It's a larger investment than SiteGround but the site speed is phenomenal and the support is above and beyond.

Website Creation

WordPress – Every one of my sites is on WordPress. You can do pretty much anything with WordPress. Collect emails, start a blog, and add plugins to sell your music or play your tunes.

Oh, and did you know 24% of websites on the entire web (yep, the ENTIRE WEB) is running on WordPress? Sites like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Just saying.

Elegant Themes – For the last handful of websites I've built I've used the Divi theme by Elegant Themes. They are incredibly well-designed, are updated all the time, and the Divi theme is extremely versatile.

Shopify – Probably the top platform for building out online stores.

WooCommerce – Also, checkout Woocommerce if you'd rather build out your store on WordPress.

WordPress Plugins

WP-Forms – Super versatile form builder for WordPress websites. I've used it with a few clients when we needed more control over the lead-generation funnel. It's a more powerful alternative to free form builders and very affordable considering all the features. You can see it in action on my contact page and Google Ads Application. Learn more about WP-Forms here.

Search Engine Optimization

RankMath – If you are using WordPress, this plugin makes it extremely easy to optimize your content on the fly. I was using Yoast for years, and it was fine but RankMath is more thorough, intuitive, and user-friendly. Plus, they also have some AI features that really help streamline the content creation process. The only downside is, that when you add it to your site, you'll find yourself wanting to optimize what you have on the spot. RankMath sort of gamifies the SEO process in a good way. Go try RankMath for free.

Landing Pages/Website Enhancement

Unbounce – Landing pages a very useful for creating and testing out web pages fast for paid ad campaigns. I've used a handful of other landing page services, they are all pretty solid, but I've always come back to Unbounce. Great support, some awesome new AI features and always adding new features. Try it free through my link and get 20% off. – This is a free “one-page” website builder. Super handy for getting a website up really fast. Built 2 pages with Carrd so far (here's one). Both sites took less than an hour to build. It is very slick. It was actually fun and I found myself wanting to creat more pages. May not have everything you need to run paid ads but it is fast and easy even for a total beginner. Sign up here.

Research, Tracking, and Analysis

Google Analytics – Google's free tool gives insight into every step of your customer’s journey on your website as well as measures your advertising ROI. You'll be able to track traffic from your website from most other websites, social networking sites, videos, and applications. Totally free and absolutely essential.

AdEvolver – This tool helps me manage and optimize Google Ads campaigns. It saves me a bunch of time and offers another set of eyeballs on all my accounts. I switched from Optmyzr (below) for a couple of reasons.

  1. I really like the clean and minimalistic dashboard that helps keeps a tighter focus on top-priority information (budget, search terms, and CPA/ROAS).
  2. To save on monthly fees. Since I am about 90% Google Ads, I can accomplish what I need to with AdEvolver. When testing it out, I felt I was paying for a ton of stuff I wasn't using with Optmyzr. That said, Optmyzr is more than worth it if you are able to take advantage of all its features and/or run ads on multiple platforms.

Optmyzr – Another great tool that helps manage and optimize Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Amazon PPC, and Facebook too.  Get a free trial and see for yourself.

** more to come **

Newsletter and Email Services

An email list is one of THE most important assets a business can have. And that makes your email marketing software on of the most important B2B marketing tools. I've used a bunch over the years, here are some of my top recommendations.

Mailchimp – This WAS the email service I use for projects in the early days and there are a few clients of mine who still use it. Very solid. It's free to get started, but if you want to use autoresponders and save time, you need to get paid, in which case you might be better off using…

ConvertKit (free) – I switched over to this service very years back. If you don't mind paying a few bucks and/or are looking for an email provider that provides made-for-you landing page templates, ConvertKit is awesome. It is also one the easiest to use for beginners and feature-rich for more advanced users. Lots of ready-to-use templates for forms, landing pages, and autoresponder sequences. Clean, visual interfaces make it easy to understand and they have excellent training and live support (which is huge). Speaking of support, they moved my lists and subscribers over for me when I joined. That's huge. Saved a ton of time. Try the free tier to see what you think.

beehiiv – I started a newsletter using beehiiv in February 2023 and I love it. Compared to many of the services I've used over the years (at least 10), the interface is very user-friendly and intuitive.

I like that you can publish your publish as an email, a web page, or both. That is a great feature if you don't want to have to manage a blog and newsletter separately.

They also have some handy tools built right in like surveys and a referral program. The referral program allows you to reward your subscribers for referring friends. A feature like that can help your list grow faster. Go try beehiiv now for free.

Klaviyo – If you have a Shopify site, this might be the best solution for you. There are a few annoying things about it (like not being able to easily resend to unopened) but it is great at automating follow-up with past customers and cart abandoners. Used by a couple of my clients with heavy traffic and very large customer bases. It's powerful.

Grow Your Social Media Presence


Hypefury – Let's you cross-post on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook which is handy if you are active on those others. Saves a bunch of time and is fairly inexpensive. Click here to try Hypefury.


TubeBuddy – Been using this handy optimization tool for personal and client projects. It saves a ton of time and really optimizes your channels to get the most out of every viewer (especially for YouTube beginners). They have a feature-filled free tier. If you do any YouTube Marketing you'll see the value instantly. Try it and you'll see. It's a  no-brainer!

Tubesift – If you are running YouTube Ads, these tools will save you a ton of time finding lists of very specific videos and audiences to target. They also have very good YouTube Ads training.

B2B Marketing Courses / Books

80/20 Marketing by Perry Marshall – I've been following Perry since like 2005 when I read his first book on Google AdWords. If you are serious about marketing online or off, this book is essential. This is the kind of book you keep within arm's length because you'll be referring to it often.

AdSkills – If you are looking to learn any aspect of digital marketing, start here. They have courses and monthly webinars on everything from market research to tracking to running ads on all the top platforms (Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc). Great Slack community too. Filled with some of the very best marketers in the business.

The membership is extremely affordable. When I went through their certification, I had to invest $3k, but they've changed their pricing model. Go try AdSkills for free.

Google Ads Course – Coming soon (can't wait? Contact me for personal coaching)

** more to come **

Audio / Video

Filmora Video Editor – I use this software for creating some of my videos that require heavier editing. It's very intuitive, has a ton of drag-and-drop type templates to get you rolling out of the box AND it is very reasonably priced compared to higher-end software (just as powerful).

Loom – Video screen recording software (More below under Utility/Productivity).

RODEcaster Pro II – If you plan on doing any podcasting or audio/video production, the RODEcaster is the way to go. It was my best purchase in 2023. Very easy to use and it will give you pro-quality sound without having to cobble together an interface and mixer. I love it!

Heil PR-40 Dynamic Studio Recording Microphone – I use this mic for podcasting and for audio on any desktop recorded videos requiring higher production value. This mic was recommended to me by the Podcast Answer Man Cliff Ravenscraft.

I always thought that if you want people to take you seriously, you gotta sound good. I love the way it makes my voice sound and I get a lot of compliments.

Sennheiser HD 212Pro Headphones – This exact model is discontinued but they are awesome. I think it is a pretty safe bet that the newer model Sennheiser is offering is just as awesome.

Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone (Gray) + USB & Lightning Cable – If you've watched any of my short videos, video reports, or Zoom calls you probably heard it in action. I have a bunch of mics already but this one goes directly into my smartphone, laptop, and desktop which saves time and is pretty damn convenient especially when going remote.

Looks a little funny but it does a great job. They have dedicated audio and video recording apps you can download and use with it, too, which really help get the best sound out of them.

Utility / Productivity

Loom – This may be the most utilized tool on this page. I use it for so many things. I record video reports for clients, over-the-shoulder instructions for team members and how-to's and pitch videos for sales and marketing. Free and very versatile. Sign up for a free account.

Calendly – Super handy scheduling app that saves a bunch of time when scheduling meeting and consultation. Just send a link with your available times, the other person chooses the time that works for them and the meeting gets added to both calendars.

Pretty Links – This is a great WordPress plugin to use for shortening links as well as for tracking clicks on and sharing affiliate links. You can even turn existing copy on your WordPress site into an affiliate link. You create a link, enter in the word on your site that you'd like to make into an affiliate link, and every page on your site containing that word becomes a potential revenue stream. Pretty Links is pretty cool! Check it out.

** more to come **


Remember, if you have any questions about these B2B marketing tools or want a demonstration, let me know by using the contact form.